Original graphite and pastel drawings and limited edition prints of wildlife from around the world.

Wherever possible I try to use my own photos for reference, allowing me to go back in my mind to the moment I encountered the subject as I draw it. My drawings are created with graphite pencils and pastels. Each drawing takes many, many hours to complete.

My earliest memories of watching wildlife date back to my young childhood, when my father would take me into the hills of Gloucestershire to look for reptiles, paddling in the local brook looking for fossils and wading through tall-grassed meadows in Wiltshire looking for butterflies. It was perhaps another 25 years before I rediscovered my interest in the natural world. My passion for wildlife soon led me to take up photography and, some years later, drawing.

In the process of finding many of my subjects, I’ve had some unforgettable experiences and the great pleasure of visiting some amazing locations. Wildlife has led to me meeting some inspirational people and making some great friends. It has also brought me some excellent professional opportunities, such as working for the BBC Natural History Unit. Over the years, I have contributed to a number of books and research projects and provided both practical and technical support towards various conservation based projects. I remain actively involved with local conservation organisations.

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